Cenifax, Inc.

Cenifax, Inc. is an IT facilities management company specializing in data processing management and providing software services solutions to government and the courts.

Founded in 1980, Cenifax began by designing and installing custom-made systems for governmental and educational entities. Cenifax managed conversions to new applications software for clients as well as assisting governmental, educational, and municipal entities to migrate from dated mainframe installations to high performance server technology. Cenifax also designed and managed several custom-made systems in integrated financial and accounting management, payroll, utilities management, vendor licensing, utilities billing, and personnel information.

By early 1993, Cenifax began the first major data processing conversion for Lake County Indiana, the migration from the original 1970s mainframe to a user-based client server with over 2000 nodes spanning 20 different government locations.

Cenifax has developed the Lake County Portal and associated websites, and manages all court, financial, and tax accounting software applications used by Lake County. The company has developed interfaces for ECWS (Electronic Ticket Writing Systems) used by local law enforcement on the job. Along these lines, Cenifax has managed and enhanced eTicketing, eTicketing Payment, and the Electronic Infraction Deferral Program.

Cenifax's most recent challenge was the development of eFiling advances in the Superior Court in the Lake County system. Beginning with the Online Docket, Cenifax made it possible for citizens to access court information using this system.

Cenifax's experience with the Online Docket and the county courts gave rise to Cenifax Courts, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cenifax, Inc. which developed a paperless eFiling application for the County Courts. Since 2010, this comprehensive eFiling application known as CourtFileNow develops and manages paperless eFiling applications for courts, clerks and attorneys.

Cenifax, Inc. Highlights …

  • Cenifax, Inc. has a 30+ year history of supporting government systems and technology
  • Cenifax Courts, Inc. was formed to market CourtFileNow, the new state-of-the-art eFiling system
  • Cenifax Courts was selected to implement eFiling for Lake County, Indiana (population 495,558) in 2010. (CourtFileNow is the only fully integrated eFiling system operating in the State of Indiana that has been approved by the Division of State Court Administration. The CourtFileNow eFiling system is fully integrated with the Case Management System.)
  • Cenifax Courts has demonstrated knowledge and support for the eFiling needs and processes of attorneys, clerks, judges, and court staff
  • Cenifax Courts has 35 employees and 12 partners and consultants


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